What School Staff & Students Are Saying

Point Break is a day-long workshop designed to promote resiliency among students. Resilient students display social competence, problem-solving skills, personal responsibility and a sense of purpose and future. Students learn to choose conflict resolution over conflict and respect for others over disrespect.

Point Break is a six-hour workshop designed to break down educational and social barriers that exist between students on middle school and high school campuses. Through high-energy activities, interaction with caring adults and relevant discussion (regarding bullying, painful life experiences and emotional expression), Point Break draws students together, focusing on empathy and respect. Students respond to the day’s challenges with self-reflection and the acknowledgement of personal responsibility. The end result is students who begin to pursue behavioral change.

What School Administrators, Teachers and Counselors are saying…

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Christopher Robilotti
Associate Principal, Colonie Central High School, New York
(Direct link to video: http://youtu.be/TcUNcJ1HLWA)

“The feedback from the faculty members is like nothing I’ve heard. I had employees, who have been here 30 years, say it was most valuable day they’ve had in education”

Thomas McGurl
Principal, Berne-Knox-Westerlo High School, New York

“Point Break has touched the lives of thousands of teenagers and helped make our campuses safer and more welcoming for students.”

Ron Severson
Superintendent, Roseville Joint Union High School District

“Point Break has increased staff empathy of students and increases student awareness of each other and has allowed the discussion of tolerance to permeate throughout our campus.”

Bridgette Dean
Assistant Principal, Adelante High School

“It is very hard to put into words the experience of yesterday’s Point Break workshop. It was one of those times where you walk into a room one person, and you walk out changed…the world looks just a little different than it did 8 hours before. I’ve been processing the experience since leaving yesterday and am still marveling at and working through what I saw, heard and felt. I forget that I have worked hard for many years to make my life a safe place for myself and for those who share it with me. Yesterday reminded me that our kids are still living there, in those spaces that are not safe or sane. I was able to leave yesterday and appreciate the life that I have that is safe and away from all of that darkness, but I am very aware that the kids who shared yesterday walked right back into the dark and dangerous places from which they had emerged yesterday morning. I am inspired to continue our work and ensure that we create supports for our kids that reach beyond academics, that we reach into those dark and dangerous places and pull out of them the spirits and souls of the children that live there, and to help those kids heal and grow into the people that we know they can be.”

Gloria White
Teacher, Sacramento High School, California

“Point Break is a life changing event in the life of students. Students who participate in the Point Break event learn to break down walls and see others differently. It has been an immense pleasure of mine to watch each student feel part of something bigger than their self and to return to their campus with new eyes and a new heart. I recommend that every student attend the workshop at least once. ”

Valerie Erb
Teacher, Roseville High School, California

“Two months after our Point Break Workshop a parent approached me to discuss her child. She said, ‘Ever since she went to the workshop you did with Point Break my daughter has been different; more hopeful and kinder at home. I feel like that day really helped her.’ When a program helps a kid at school AND at home, it’s a huge success.”

Lori Sipkovich
Teacher, Lincoln High School, California

“Point Break is an outstanding program. From start to finish students are involved with games, engaging activities, and breaking down social barriers. Lincoln High School has participated in the program many times and has had outstanding feedback from students and staff. They return feeling connected and part of the high school. Any school that is interested in breaking down walls and bringing students and staff together need to participate in the Point Break Program.”

Jim Spratling
Counselor, Lincoln High School, California

“Initially, I was skeptical when I first heard about Point Break. I knew that we had a need but I was unsure if this program was the way to meet that need. And then I participated in Point Break. I was a believer. It was truly eye opening watching students ‘Cross the Line’. To see the number of our students letting other students see that they were not alone was so powerful. We have a diverse student population; I know that Point Break has done much towards breaking down the barriers between students and student groups. I wholeheartedly recommend Point Break; I also recommend that every adult on campus participate with the students. It is a great program.”

Jon Coleman
Assistant Principal, Roseville High School, California

“The world we live in has changed drastically in the last decade, and our teens face brutal realities that most of us never had to deal with—slurs of intolerance, cyber bullying and ‘sexting,’ crushing pressure to do drugs, to binge drink, to have sex, to be cool, to imitate media icons, to excel. Kids need to know that they are not alone, that they are not the only one facing these problems that seem so insurmountable to them. My experience as a participant in the Point Break program made absolutely clear to me that many of our kids are hurting and they need help.”

Judi Daniels
Granite Bay High School, California

What Students are saying about their experience at Point Break…

“I had no idea so many of my friends had considered suicide as a way of dealing with the pain in their lives. I want to help my friends stay alive.”

“I didn’t realize that my words could be so painful to others. I’m not going to tease people so much.”

“I’m sorry for saying the stuff I’ve said to you. I didn’t mean it.”

“It has (helped) me to open up to people and listen to their problems.”

Point Break has helped me to open my eyes and see that it is not just me and my family and friends in the world. Other people are going through the same stuff I am.”

“I no longer gossip and tease people and I never worry about what people think.”

Point Break has taught me many things. It has taught me that behind every smile there’s an unbelievable story that has made that person who they are now. And teasing or talking about them isn’t gonna make anything better. You’re just causing more hate in yourself and others. Hate isn’t healthy. I’ve had more respect for others since Point Break. Thank you!”

“I don’t make fun of a lot of people anymore. I am aware of how much people hurt inside and I learned that listening to other people can really change your life and their life.”

“It made me never give up in what I do. I’m also nice to my friends and family. I’m also trying to do something with my life and forget about what other people think of me.”

“It made me feel for others around me. It helped me find more out about myself. It showed me that others around me can relate to the issues I’ve been through in the past.”

“It has made me a better person and I know that I’m not the only one with similar problems. I value more people and their feelings. I listen to what they got to say and help out.”

“Many adults never talk to me as an equal or share their past with me and at Point Break, not only did the adults open up but so did some of my fellow students. It helped me realize that people still have some good in them buried deep down somewhere inside of them. The past is filled with mistakes. The future is strong if you learn from those mistakes.”

“It has taught me that even when I’m playing around and call people names that I can hurt them. After Point Break I became friends with a lot of the people I used to mess with. It opened up an opportunity to have better and more relationships with people. Thank you guys so much for the experience.”

Point Break helped me a lot because I get to see other peoples’ views and the way they live life, and learn that most everyone has the same problems.”

“It affected me by letting my emotions out and telling people how I really feel.”

“It affected me to get more active and respectful of people I know and I don’t know.”

Point Break changed me as a person, making me care more about others than I already did. I am not judgmental at all.”

“Somehow Point Break really made me feel like I can really open up now. It was sort of a forceful way to make me express myself.”

“I (stopped) being mean to others. I like helping people.”

Point Break was an awesome experience and whenever I begin to gossip I stop and remember PB so I just stay quiet and listen.”

“My experience with Point Break made me realize everyone around you can be hurting and you don’t know it. This allowed me to open up to others.”

“It affected me a lot. I now try opening up to my parents. However, they still don’t really get what I am trying to tell them. I open up to my friends because they really understand.”

Point Break has taught me and opened my eyes to how much stereotyping and bullying goes on around high school. It has taught me how to watch what I say and how to stop and control my words and how they (my words) affect people.”

Point Break has helped me to respect other people and not judge them so fast; and to not judge them so fast. Respect how I act around people also. It was a great experienced and I’m glad I went.”

“It gave me a lot of insight into others’ lives.”

“I have been talking to others not in my friend group and have been trying to respect more people.”

“I loved it. It was fun and really got people closer together. It made me realize more about others, besides what’s just on the outside.”

“It taught me not to judge anyone. People who I would’ve never thought share the same problems I do. I think it is a very effective program.”

Point Break was amazing. I realize that people aren’t always what they seem to be like. I got to know people that I would have never talked to before and I realized that people have harder times than I do. Thanks Point Break!”

“I think before I speak, now. I also have learned to forgive some people in my life.”

Point Break showed me a new side of people, and how much they share the same problems as me even though we are different on the outside.”

“(Point Break affected me) by not seeing through people, but seeing into them. It was life changing.”