Additional Resources

In addition to the Point Break Workshops, we also offer the following resources to schools:

Follow-Up Curriculum

This post-workshop curriculum equips participants to activate what they have learned in a Point Break Workshop.

For more details on the curriculum, contact your Point Break coach.

[Download a sample of the Point Break Follow-Up Curriculum]


Coach Certification Option

For schools or districts that would like to implement Point Break Workshops with out the Point Break Team, optional Point Break Coach Training and certification is available to ensure the highest degree of implementation fidelity.

The training includes a four-step training and certification program. These four steps include: (1) experiencing the workshop as a small group leader; (2) observing the day as a coach and coordinator; (3) mastering the Program script (including some memorization) and taking the lead role as a workshop presenter with a trainer; and finally (4) conducting a workshop from the beginning to the end of the day.

[Download the Point Break Coach Certification Information]

For more information, please contact us.

Campus Climate Survey

The School Climate Survey includes 171 items (scored using a Likert scale) that investigates three closely related issues pertaining to your school’s climate: (1) equity and inclusive education; (2) bullying/harassment, including discrimination and sexual harassment among students; and (3) Attitudes, Beliefs, and Values (ABVs) on a variety of school-related topics, including:

• Bullying/teasing

• Willingness to reach for help

• Gossiping

• Openness of expression

• Judging others

• Valuing others

• Having empathy towards others

• Having a hopeful life outlook

• Violence/Harassment

[View a Sample Report]

For more information, including pricing, please contact us.
Note: Schools that host a Point Break Workshop or purchase the Point Break Kit for Schools receive a discount when purchasing the School Climate Survey.